MOAR Stickers!

Two months ago we launched a new kind of stickers, bringing popular memes, art and history together as an enhanced way of expressing emotions. Over the last few days we’ve added 15 new stickers to the original set.
Start a message with an emoji from this list to see emotionally corresponding stickers:

Napoléon Bonaparte: “In France, only the impossible is admired”

Jimi Hendrix accepts the challenge

Dante’s “What the HELL?!”

LOL Marley

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins:”Don’t put that spell on me!”

Audrey is on the verge of tears

Malcolm X: “Mother of…”

Virginia Woolf: “Go on…”

Poe is sceptical

Coco Chanel is unmoved

Frederick Douglass is in a dark mood

Princess Diana blushing

Julius Caesar approves

On second thought… No.

Kisses from Cleopatra

Remember that it’s easy to send your own stickers in Telegram. Simply send a .webp image with a transparency layer as a file in your chat, and it will become a sticker.

March 11, 2015The Telegram Team