Channels 2.0 and More

Telegram channels are becoming a worldwide trend. Each day they get more than 400,000,000 views. Today we are introducing several features that will make channels and bots even more powerful tools for connecting with your audience.
Links to Posts
The Quick Share menu now allows you to copy links to individual messages inside a channel. You can send these links to friends outside of Telegram or post them to other social networks. Following such links will open the channel and highlight the message.

Copy Share Link

Silent Messages
“Is it OK to post now?” “Is this urgent enough to notify everyone?” If you’re a channel admin, you know these questions too well. Luckily, you can now send silent messages that will not notify your subscribers. This is very useful for late night or non-urgent updates. Tap on the bell icon to toggle silent messages on and off.

Silent messages

Admin Signatures
There are times when it‘s important to know who posted a certain message. Starting today, you can enable signatures in Channel Info. New messages will be signed with the posting admin’s chosen screen name but will not link to their profile.

Channel Settings

Signed Messages

Edit Messages in Channels and Supergroups
Made a typo? Missed a word? Itching to add something? As of today, you can edit your messages after they were posted. Tap the message (double tap on iOS), then press ‘Edit’. This feature works with supergroups and channels because they both use the same underlying technology.
Quick Share Button for Bots
Many news organizations are building bots to provide tailored subscriptions. In this update we’ve made it easier to share the links, pictures and videos you get from bots. Check out the new official @forbesbot to see how this works.

Quick Share button for bots

Bonus: Sticker Previews
In other news, sticker previews now work everywhere including sticker suggestions when you type an emoji and the ‘Add stickers’ screen. Tap and hold on a sticker to see it in full size before sending. The devil’s in the details, right?
Try it out with the Harry set:

And that‘s all we’ve got for you this month.Stay tuned for more updates in March!

February 24, 2016The Telegram Team